Accelerating Cosmological Constant – What Is It?

Dark energy has been called the “God particle” by some, the “cosmological vacuum” by others, and the “principal energy” by many others.

In any case, it is definitely a force, and one that is very real. The question that scientists and enthusiasts around the world have been asking for years is just what it is. Is it the product of chance or is there a real explanation? 

Here is a look at how this phenomenon works, along with a closer look at dark energy itself.

Dark energy is the common name given to an obscure force that seems to be causing the accelerating rate of space-time expansion, as opposed to the decelerating rate that is usually associated with it. 

In particular, data gathered by the 2dF galaxy redshift survey and the Sloan digital sky survey appeared to indicate that the universe would rapidly expand forever, though in an ever accelerating fashion, as long as it remains in a state of fractional dimness. These studies seem to indicate that the expansion is not being driven by ordinary, visible matter, including stars, planets, and colliding galaxies. Instead, the researchers opine that it is due to dark matter which is made up of extremely dense “dark” particles, which can only be seen through satellites and gravitational lenses.

There are several theories about why the expansion of the universe is accelerating. 

One is that it is due to the network of large-scale voids which are thought to be connecting the major galaxies. Another is that it is due to the fact that the expansion is faster for smaller scales of matter, such as for the smaller protons within our own solar system. And lastly, there are some who believe that dark energy is caused by the total amount of energy in the vacuum of empty space, while others believe that it is caused by slight imbalance or “an imbalance of truth” within the laws of physics as we presently understand them. 

Proponents of the first two theories feel that the major contributing factor for the accelerating expansion is the network of voids, while those who feel that the truth lies with vacuum (i.e., inflation) tend to deny the existence of such a thing as truth, or place importance only on appearance.

Most modern astronomers and cosmologists agree with those who believe in dark energy. 

One of the major arguments advanced by cosmologists and physicists is the effect that it has had on the movement of the earth since the beginning of the cosmos. Gravity on earth is affected by dark energy, for example, while solar flares and other space storms are also attributed to it. As a result, it is believed that the Sun may not have been created by astronomers during the common era, as previously thought.

The main argument advanced by scientists and astronomers against the dark energy hypothesis is the effects that it has had on stars. The existence of “strange” matter has been proven by scientists, and it is believed that this “strange” matter is responsible for producing X-rays in galaxies that are thousands of light years away. Furthermore, astronomers have discovered the existence of massive voids within clusters of galaxies that are thousands of light years in diameter. While scientists have not been able to explain how these voids are filled, they do agree that the amount of gas present is consistent with the theory of dark energy.

One of the greatest myths surrounding dark energy comes from the story of the evil entity called ” Dracula” who sought to destroy the world in a single night by consuming all of the sun’s energy in a single night. 

In order to defeat Dracula, God forced a young woman named Mary to drink a glass of vampire blood in order to smother her with it. When Mary turned into a vampire, she left the vampire society for a life of peace and solitude. The vampire myth, however, began when a monk named Bram Stoker wrote a Gothic horror book in 18 87 in which the protagonist, Dracula, ate the heart of a victim!

However, most cosmological Constant theories put forth a scenario where there is no need to consume food and drink to sate our hunger and thirst. Instead, we may use our own food and drink to power our bodies. In fact, a study was conducted in which a team of solar panel engineers were able to test different theories of dark energy with respect to their solar cell applications. After testing and analyzing different theories, they came up with the conclusion that there is a low to zero chance that the theory can be true. The results of the study showed that the cosmological constant does not allow for cosmic acceleration.

The other major myth surrounding dark energy involves the Big Bang Theory and the Theory of Relativity. 

According to these two theories, the universe was created in a flash. Additionally, the speed of the expansion of the universe was measured by an instrument known as the Doppler Effect. If the expansion of the universe was faster than the speed of light, it would create a mystery force which was responsible for bringing about the existence of life on earth. However, the evidence does not support the existence of this mysterious force.


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