Mastering Physics Pearson has been helping students with their education for decades and is the industry leader in their field. Professors write Mastering physics textbooks, so you get expert advice on how to learn and master physics.

While many other companies use editing programs to add content. Mastering physics actually employs humans to add relevant pages and options for you. Such as bookmarking where you left off and syncing between devices. While we cannot recommend that other companies be put off using them based on our experience, we can highly recommend Mastering Physics because of their attention to detail and the wealth of knowledge they have accumulated over the years.

What is Mastering Physics by Pearson Education?

Source: Pearson Higher Education

Mastering Physics is a series of college-level introductory physics textbooks by Pearson Education. Many universities in the United States and worldwide use it. The first edition came out in 1986. With subsequent editions released every two years.

Mastering Physics is for students taking their first college physics course. Although it does not contain any calculus, it assumes that students have some background in algebra and trigonometry. Most chapters include examples of problems that anyone can solve using graphing calculators or spreadsheets. Though these methods are not mandatory. The textbook contains over 1,200 problems, including numerical exercises and end-of-chapter problems.

Why use Mastering Physics Pearson?

You’ve probably heard the phrase “mastering physics” before. It’s a term to describe the process of learning, practicing, and applying physics concepts in real-world situations.

It’s a great way to learn the subject matter. But it can be challenging to master all the material on your own. That’s why we created a Mastering Physics book for every type of learner, whether you’re an expert or just starting.

Mastering Physics is available in print and digital formats, so you have many options for learning:

  • Print books are ideal for students who prefer reading from paper and want to highlight sections of interest.
  • Digital books are ideal for students who prefer reading on tablets or laptops and want to take notes electronically within each chapter. T

What Is the mission of mastering physics?

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Mastering Physics aims to equip educators and learners with the resources they really have to thrive. We agree that education should be available and cheap to all people, regardless of where they live or how they study. 

Learn physics, one concept at a time

Physics can be hard to understand. There are many concepts and formulas to learn, from Newtonian Mechanics to quantum mechanics and beyond. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Mastering physics is about learning the concepts, not memorizing formulas or equations. Once you understand how things work, you can apply those principles in other areas of physics or even other fields like biology or engineering.

Dive deeply into physics

Physics is a topic that can be studied in-depth, so there are many ways to approach it. One way is to master the fundamentals of each type of physics, such as classical or quantum mechanics (QM). Another way is learning about physics subfields, such as optics or electricity and magnetism (EM).

New ways to study, plus support when and where you need it

If you want to complete a physics course that uses a unique approach to learning that combines example-based learning with problem-solving. It’s like having your tutor who’s always there when you need help.

Mastering Physics can help you understand physical laws and principles by breaking down complex concepts into manageable pieces. The program also includes interactive experiments that let you see for yourself how the world works.

Award-winning content

Thousands of teachers and students worldwide have used Mastering Physics since its release in 2007. It was awarded the 2011 Textbook Excellence Award for best high school or college textbook in physics by Textbook Excellence Awards (TEAs). The online version won the 2012 Textbook Excellence Award for best online course material in physics by TEAs.

Cutting-edge student interactives

The interactive multimedia simulations include animations, movies, audio clips, and graphs that bring concepts to life and engage students’ curiosity about physics. You can even create your own interactives using our unique simulation builder tool.

A clean, simple interface

Unlike other textbooks, Mastering Physics provides a clean user interface that makes it easy for students to focus on learning without distractions.

Explore and master physics concepts

Explore and Master Physics Concepts is an excellent educational game for students who want to learn more about physics without reading boring textbooks or attending lectures all day long.

Final Words

In general, Mastering Physics by Pearson Education is a well-functioning simulation of the classroom experience. It contains a vast amount of content, including all kinds of physics at varying difficulty levels, and it provides the tools you need to master any concept or experiment. The clear and effective design makes the program easy to use, while the sophisticated online teacher’s resources support instruction and assessment.

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