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Is Physics Hard?

Is Physics Hard truly? Many people think it is hard. The main reason physics is hard is that it is intensely abstract. Based on advanced mathematics. And has never been observed directly. Thus, we can’t use our senses to try to understand its concepts. We’re yet to find a student who doesn’t struggle with certain […]

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Magnitude In Physics

Amongst the most significant notions in physics and astronomy is magnitude. It allows users to determine the size of stars or other celestial objects. Understanding magnitude means understanding ​the scale of things. It is an important concept in physics because it helps compare different-sized objects. This can also be useful for knowing how much energy […]

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Jiggle Physics In Video Games

What is jiggle physics? In video games, physics can be used to make objects move. Developers can manipulate how objects behave when interacting with one another and with other environmental objects. This can be done by applying more force in certain locations or limiting certain movements. Objects being flung around and objects bouncing off each […]