Skyrim Despite being a gorgeous game, the modding community didn’t think it lived up to expectations. They made the decision to act independently and developed a mod that altered Skyrim’s mechanics. The Skyrim SE HDT physics mods we’re referring to transform Skyrim from an engrossing game into a brand-new universe that you may lose yourself in.

There is plenty of mods available for Skyrim SE.  All aimed at making your game experience more enjoyable and much more realistic. But some are better than others. The following is a list of Our 6 favorite Skyrim SE HDT Physics mods plus honorable mentions.

5 Best Skyrim SE HTD Mods

Skyrim SE HTD Physics
Source: Skyrim SE HTD Physics

Skyrim SE is a great game, but it’s not without its flaws. One of the biggest issues people have with Skyrim is the physics engine, which can feel sluggish and unrealistic at times.

Thankfully, there are mods that can fix this issue and make it so you can enjoy Skyrim SE to its fullest potential. Here are some of the best Skyrim SE HDT physics mods available for download.

1. Extension of HDT Physics

The most crucial mod on the list should be the first thing we discuss. The Havok Physics Engine, which is the foundation of everything on the list, must be installed in order for the other mods to function. The generic animations that the Skyrim creators added are removed by this mod, and all in-game interactions and actions are allowed to impact each object, getting rid of any staleness in the previous animation that occasionally defied gravity.

This collection of tools was essentially created by the creator of the physics extension plugin to allow users to utilize all of Skyrim’s in-game physics elements. additionally for fans of the well-favored physics of bouncing boobs and skirts.


Another of the mods that really heightens your experience is the HDT Equipment one. With the help of this mod, you may strap your gear onto your back and give it HDT physics. It also includes a weapon sling. Additionally, you have access to a panel where you can freely change the placement and angle of your weapons. You may also offer your buddies the sling with the mod so they can have the same fantastic appearance as you.

3. Magnificent HDT Cloaks Of Skyrim

We believe that this was among the most significant HDT mods that you should install. A mod named Cloaks of Skyrim has an add-on called the HDT Cloaks of Skyrim Mod. All of the cloaks and/or capes from the Cloaks of Skyrim mod are now subject to the HDT Physics Extension thanks to this update. If you’re anything like me, you’ll absolutely adore how HDT physics affects the capes; it truly gives it a more genuine feel.

4. HDT Enabled Hair For Argonians In Dread Tentacles

All Argonians now have dread tentacles, a new customizable characteristic, thanks to the Dread Tentacles mod. The HDT physics are employed on these tentacles, which the argonians perceive as hair. You must adore this mod because it prevents argonians from being impacted by hair mods, which prevents you from fully utilizing the physics engine. This mod is for you if you admire Argonians and get something that bounces around when you explore.

5. Backpack For Travellers HDT-SMP

In order to make Skyrim even more realistic than it currently is, modders can use the Traveler’s Backpack mod. Using the HDT physics engine, this patch adds a bag. Although it doesn’t do much, the backpack nonetheless looks good and helps your character avoid looking like they’ve just pulled a shitload of sweet rolls out of their pocket. The sole drawback is that it adds nothing to the mod base and is only intended to be worn by your player character.

6. HDT Physics – KS Hairdos 

Let’s go on to a mod that introduces numerous gorgeous new hairstyles. The KS Hairdos mod provides numerous hairstyles that make use of the current Havok Physics Engine. Now, the common hair that is included in the retail game doesn’t have any particular problems. Even if that is the case, this mod adds a ton of new, even more, gorgeous female hairstyles, particularly some of my favorites, like the ponytail and the angel haircut. This mod is essential if you want your player model to be as realistic as possible.

Final Words

Whether you’re looking for a flashy spell or simply a new set of armor, you’re sure to find something interesting on this list of Skyrim SE HTD physics mods. If you’re looking to modify or expand your character’s capabilities, these are some of the best Skyrim mods to keep in mind. In the end, each mod will change the game in its own unique way, and they deserve a place on any gamer’s hard drive.

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