What Is The Belief Behind Quantum Cosmology and How Does It Work?

Quantum cosmology is an attempt in modern day physics to build a quantum theory of space-time itself. 

This theory aims to answer many unanswered questions regarding the early phases of the universe, namely those regarding the first stages. It also seeks to explain why space-time itself exists and how it is related to time. Quantumists strive to build a theory which will describe all of this and answer questions that have fascinated mankind since they were introduced to quantum mechanics. One of the most outstanding pioneers of quantum cosmology was Albert Einstein.

Quantum cosmology attempts to combine modern theory with ideas from quantum mechanics and special relativity. Special relativity deals with how energy and matter interact with each other. Einstein’s general theory of relativity further deals with time evolution and the relationship between space and time. Part of Einstein’s model of how the universe works includes what is known as a ‘God-flation’.

In QCD the entire universe is made up of nothing but virtual particles. 

The virtual particle can neither be observed nor taken to be real. Rather than using wormholes, Planck’s dimension or flat mirrors, QCD utilizes what is called a minisub. A minisub is used to create a loop in which virtual particles spin in similar ways as real particles.

Albert Einstein took a minor step forward in QCD when he was able to predict what the initial conditions of the cosmos would be like.

According to Einstein’s theory of relativity, all objects and energy in the early universe had no definite shape or a definite size. These shapes and sizes were determined by the laws of classical mechanics and their subsequent predictions were later proved to be correct by the observation of satellites. Einstein’s prediction of the early universe’s initial conditions eventually came true.

Einstein’s theory of relativity also posed a problem for those in QCD who were not materialists. 

Source: ScienceWiki

His theory says that the laws of classical physics are not absolute because they are descriptive and do not have any reference to real objects. Thus, according to QCD, there are some anomalies in the initial conditions of the cosmos that are inexplicable by general relativity. The anomalies are therefore classified as “mysterious” and they are the product of chance actions of some celestial body which are unexplained by existing physical science.

Two other theories are more materialistic and they are quantum cosmology and the strong force radiation theory. 

Quantum cosmology posits that there is a way for the structure of space and time to be a wave function of some sort. The strong force radiation theory says that the rate of radiation from a source does not depend on its speed at all. This leads some to believe that these discrepancies are produced by the Big Bang Theory which many doubt.

The main challenge that remains is to determine how to combine the above two theories in order to create a complete picture of how the universe works. 

Some theorists believe that it is impossible for Quantum cosmology to be a theory without using the tools of General Relativity. They say that the weak force which makes space and time warp is too minute to be measurable and is therefore not a wave function. If this is so then the other theories such as the big bang theory are meaningless. In fact, some feel that Quantum cosmology can be both accepted and rejected depending on whether or not general relativity can be tested.

There is controversy though with those who think that Quantum cosmology can be both accepted and rejected. 

There have been many scientific experiments over the years that dispute the validity of Quantum theory. There have also been instances where the predictions of various Quantum experiments have proved to be wrong. Physicists do agree however that Quantum cosmology is a powerful tool in helping scientists study the very largest particles in the entire universe. They use this knowledge to test the strength of their theory of relativity as well as gauge the structure of space-time.


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